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Capacity Building for a Greener World

Capacity Building for a Greener World

May 8, 2019
If you're focused on capacity-building for Climate Change and a Green Economy, you'll want to listen to Beth Offenbacker's report from the recent Green Economy: New Challenges, New Skills Learning Forum.

This two-day conference was hosted by the Organization for Economic Development and Co-operation (OECD).  

The Learning Forum aimed "to address one of the key questions for advancing a green economy: How can countries build up a critical mass of professionals that:
  • Understand the risks and opportunities of a transition to an inclusive green economy
  • Have the knowledge and skills to put in place the right policies and incentives to address identified risks"

It also focused "on the issue of learning and skills development for current and future decision-makers, technical staff in Ministries and others involved in policy design and implementation."

Check out the report Beth mentions in the audio: PAGE (2016), Green Economy Learning Assessment South Africa: Critical Competencies for Driving a Green Transition.

Getting Off the Roller Coaster, with Genevieve Concannon

Getting Off the Roller Coaster, with Genevieve Concannon

February 5, 2019

The latest True North Podcast features Genevieve Concannon with Advon Real Estate.  In Part 2 of our interview, she describes getting over the rough spots on projects, why we end up on "the roller coaster" in our work, and the parallels that exist between homebuying and building or renovating a home. 

Listen to Part 1 of our interview with Genevieve here.

It’s Your Time, with Genevieve Concannon, Part 1

It’s Your Time, with Genevieve Concannon, Part 1

January 31, 2019

The latest True North Podcast features Genevieve Concannon with Advon Real Estate.  In Part 1 of our interview, she describes leadership in action, the value of "leaps," and steps that she takes with her team to guide them in building their individual businesses as well as the Advon brand and company in the marketplace.

Great Resources for Experienced Professionals in a Career Transition: 40 Plus of Greater Washington

Great Resources for Experienced Professionals in a Career Transition: 40 Plus of Greater Washington

January 25, 2018

This week’s True North podcast features a brief interview with Eric Hertting, Executive Director with the nonprofit 40 Plus of Greater Washington, and Ken Schoppmann, 40 Plus’ Director of Partnerships and Programming.

The career resources provided by 40 Plus combine training, motivation, and support for individuals – a formula that’s produced success for job seekers in the DC area since 1953.

In this brief podcast (21:50), we discuss:

  • What 40 Plus is and it’s lengthy track record of success in working with experienced professionals and executives who are in a career transition
  • The three aspects of the programs offered by 40 Plus that benefit career searchers
  • How the nature of work and the Gig Economy is changing the search process
  • Insights about what makes 40 Plus especially effective for individuals in career transitions

About Eric Hertting

Eric Hertting is the new Executive Director of 40Plus of Greater Washington and a veteran finance professional. After receiving a B. Sc. (Chemistry) from McGill University and a BA (Humanities) from Johns Hopkins, he joined Morgan Stanley. Subsequently, he received his MBA from the Darden School at UVA where he was a Shermet Award recipient.  Eric joined Comsat Corporation, ultimately becoming Director of Corporate Finance and Treasury Operations.  He played a key role in the complex sale of Comsat to Lockheed Martin, where he joined the Treasury team as Director of Corporate Finance.  

More recently, as Assistant Treasurer of Gannett, he coordinated efforts to recapitalize the company during and after the financial crisis.  Eric is hoping to redeploy his analytical, managerial and financial management skills in a public service-oriented role. 

He completed the 40Plus training course last summer, and quickly became involved in various aspects of its operations.  He also has holds an adjunct teaching position at the George Washington University School of Business.

About Ken Schoppmann

Ken Schoppmann has more than 25 years of experience with nonprofit organizations, including trade and professional associations and a national information center.  He has led several organizations through various stages of development, expanding and enhancing internal capacity and improving value to stakeholders.  He has worked in all areas of association management, including finance, administration, event management, membership, board development, and strategic planning.  Ken has successfully collaborated with volunteer leaders around the world to evaluate and elevate association programs, increasing member recruitment and retention.  He has partnered with subject matter experts from diverse fields to develop content and new activities to address evolving members’ needs.

He has served on numerous volunteer committees to advance the association profession as part of the American Society of Association Executives.  He is a dedicated volunteer for several local and national organizations, assisting with strategic planning, program facilitation and recruitment.

Ken is a Certified Association Executive and a holds an Institute of Organizational Management certificate from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 


“Leadership Insights for Your Next Role,” A True North Podcast with Glenn Richardson, Career Partners International

“Leadership Insights for Your Next Role,” A True North Podcast with Glenn Richardson, Career Partners International

December 14, 2017

This True North podcast features an interview (32:30) with Glenn Richardson, Advisor with Career Partners International on the topic, “Leadership Insights for Your Next Role.” 
This is the first of a three-part series with Glenn on leadership and career development.  Watch for parts 2 and 3 to be posted soon.
Listen in for our discussion on:

  • Signs that working with a coach might be beneficial to you
  • Challenges of being a new leader, and being a new leader in the C Suite
  • The impact of good leadership, sponsorship, mentorship and taking care of people on organizational performance or mission
  • How leadership programs can grow the skills of junior – and senior – leaders
  • The role of coaches in informal and formal leadership development initiatives – creating a “Leadership Lab” for team members
  • Key questions to consider for leaders as they begin new leadership roles, and as individuals transition from on-the-ground manager to more of a leadership role
  • Glenn’s list of Richardson’s Rules for Leadership as part of getting ready for the C Suite 

About Glenn Richardson
9702417f-b838-427c-b1b2-88bdf49fc7a9.jpgF. Glenn Richardson is a noted industry leader, advisor, coach, and executive consultant.  He applies many years of experience across business enterprises, government agencies, and academia while assisting numerous organizations with critical decisions regarding strategy, operations, and growth. Glenn currently provides business optimization and transformation advisory, advanced leadership training and coaching, executive coaching, and other talent management services to a diverse portfolio of clients, and is known for generating credibility and confidence among executive customers and their organizations.
Glenn is a former Partner at Arthur Andersen LLP where he led the Strategy, Finance, and Economics practice and received three consecutive Consultants’ Choice Awards for coaching, leadership, and mentorship.  As a Partner, he also directed a key initiative for a global organization in the national intelligence community to form a new business unit for information technology solutions and applications for intelligence, and led a major accounting systems migration initiative for the world’s largest finance and accounting activity – the Defense Finance Accounting Service. 

Glenn is also a former Partner at Deloitte LLP where he championed an innovative Managerhood Program to provide newly promoted Managers with leadership, counseling, engagement management, and personal development skills.  Simultaneously, Glenn executed major programs for government organizations including the US Army where he spearheaded the review of supplemental funding provided by Congress to support overseas contingency operations and logistical support, identified over $180 billion in untracked public funds and equipment, and developed enterprise programs to ensure accountability, transparency, and accurate reporting of assets.  He led additional consulting engagements in Defense Agencies and in the US Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force; Headquarters, US Southern Command; the National Security Agency; the Central Intelligence Agency; and, private sector enterprises. 

In addition, Glenn is the former President of FedBid, Inc., where his customer relationship mastery and leadership development skills drove strategic customer relationships, networking, and a relationship-based selling approach, resulting in unprecedented market expansion, to include revenue increases of over 100% during a 3-year period and generating marketplace volume of over $2 billion.
Glenn’s military assignments included the US Army Special Operations Command; US Army, Europe; service in Operation Desert Storm; and, The Joint Staff. 
Glenn earned a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the US Naval War College, a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Syracuse University, and undergraduate degrees in Business Management and Economics from North Carolina State University.  He is currently a board member of the Human Resources Leadership Forum.

“How B Corporations Measure the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit,” a True North Podcast with Mark Frieden, Crossbow Strategies

“How B Corporations Measure the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit,” a True North Podcast with Mark Frieden, Crossbow Strategies

November 11, 2017

This True North podcast features a discussion with Mark Frieden, President of Crossbow Strategies, on the subject, “How B Corporations Measure the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit.” 

In this brief interview (18:29), Mark provides:

  • A quick overview of what a benefit (or B) corporation is,
  • Why B Corporation certification continues to gain traction as an approach to doing business, and
  • How companies of all kinds – “B” as well as “C” corporations and other corporate structures – are using the B Corporation certification/measurement tool to achieve meaningful gains in employee retention, engagement, and tangible value.

Mark also shares examples and insights from companies of all kinds who’ve completed the B Corporation certification process, from small firms to multinational corporations.

About Mark Frieden

Mark grew up in Lake Barcroft, Virginia, outside of Washington, DC, and he believes that business, wellness and the natural environment can all work together to grow a community where everyone thrives. He’s collaborated with organizations and individuals to reduce energy and water use, increase recycling, create healthier working and living environments and be more socially responsible. Mark also has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Crossbow Strategies works with socially conscious businesses to increase their value with stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers.  The firm helps clients build a more positive impact on the community while reducing their impact on the environment. Crossbow Strategies also guides for-profit companies through the B Impact Assessment to become certified B Corporations, companies that meet rigorous standards of environmental, social and economic performance, accountability and transparency.


Roadmap to Working with Agency Recruiters

Roadmap to Working with Agency Recruiters

September 10, 2017

Are you an HR generalist who’s considering using an external recruiter? 

There are many options available today, and having a roadmap for making the best choice is key. 

Hear tips for successfully selecting and working with an external firm from executive recruiter Maureen Pappas on the latest True North podcast. 

This podcast (13 min, 50 sec) features:

  • A review of the different kinds of external recruiting firms
  • Insights on how to work with an external recruiter for hiring success
  • Advice for HR generalists about fees and what it can mean for the hiring process

About Maureen Pappas


Maureen is the founder of Talent Strategy, an executive search firm that identifies accounting/finance and HR talent for organizations in metro DC.  She brings over two decades of experience as a Talent Management professional to include Executive Search, Staffing, Internet Recruiting, Training and Career Transition services. 

She was also in the forefront of establishing business strategies for launching internet recruitment services and helping to successfully build a national sales strategy for

Maureen has worked with major organizations primarily in the Greater Washington, DC region for the past twenty years to include organizations such as Booz Allen, Discovery Communications, Verizon, Nature Conservancy and others. She is widely respected for her industry knowledge and networking skills. Her passion for helping people build successful careers has expanded into her volunteer efforts facilitating educational sessions for local universities.  

She has also supported a nationally recognized workforce development organization helping provide career coaching to individuals thereby enabling them to establish a pathway to living-wage jobs.  Maureen holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Providence College, Providence, RI, and she is a former board member of the Human Resources Leadership Forum.


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